Oxford Dictionary Adds Beer O’Clock



Never a bad time for a beer, right?  It’s always 5:00 PM somewhere!  The Oxford Dictionary, our most definitive authority on the English language, agrees – anytime of the day is a fine time to open your favorite adult beverage.  As of today, the dictionary has officially included BEER O’CLOCK. Read the rest of this entry

Confirmed! George R.R. Martins Says Major Character is Still Alive

Finally after months of speculation after the season 5 finale we have confirmation that one of George R.R. Martin’s thought to be dead characters is still alive! Read the rest of this entry

Derek Jeter Ricks Rolls Us With New Twitter Account



Yankee legend, Derek Jeter, has kept himself off of social media his entire life.  Answering fan mail on his website, The Player’s Tribune, Mr. November revealed today that he recently joined Twitter- and hit us with one of the best Rick Rolls yet. Read the rest of this entry

New ‘Gotham’ Teaser Shows Off Season 2 Villains

Season one of “Gotham” had it’s ups and downs. Okay, mostly downs. I did stick around until the end, and while I’m not anticipating this like I’m anticipating the return of other TV shows this fall, it has my interest.  Read the rest of this entry

Game of Thrones Theory: Have We Seen The Last of The Hound? Maybe Not!

A character that “Game of Thrones” fans love to hate, and hate to love is Sandor Clegane. It would appear that his character is dead, but that might not be the case.  Read the rest of this entry

Mashup! Cast A Star Trek Character As A Character From X-Men! [VIDEO]

Saw this picture on Facebook and thought this would be a cool thing to do. Take a character from the Star Trek TV shows and movies, and cast them as characters from X-Men! Good guys or bad guys! Put your ideas in the comments below and we’ll talk about them on the next Geek Show!

And yes, I know I said Worf was Beast when he’s obviously Wolverine. I missed the claws.. Rookie mistake.  :(

The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 26 – For The Watch


OK folks, get your Game of Thrones soundtrack ready to go, as we travel to King’s Landing, Mereen, The Wall and all points in between! This episode is dedicated to the past season’s finale. Ready? Then brace yourself, the podcast is coming! (more…)

The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 25 – Fantastic Bore


Back again with another episode of the geeky things you like. Remember, we want to hear what your thoughts are about this show and all our other shows! Make sure you leave a message for us! And away we goooooo! (more…)

British Architect Raising Money To Build Real Life ‘Lord of the Rings’ City

The sets from the original Shire from Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy are real, and you can visit them in New Zealand. But what about the other cities from the book? One architect would like to bring Minas Tirith to life.  Read the rest of this entry

Watch The Star Wars Episode 7 TV Promo That Aired in Korea

Seems the word got out fast about a 30 second promo for Star Wars Episode 7 that played on Korean TV. Watch it below!

As you noticed, it was in English, but subtitled in Korean. But the only new scene I see, is just the big shot of all those storm troopers. The rest of the footage, we’ve seen in the teaser trailer that was released at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Still, we’re only 128 days away as of the posting of this story. Do you think we’ll start to see some of the same thing here in the United States? Let’s hope so!



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