The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 36 – Talking With Gabe from Double Take Comics


We finally got hooked up with Gabe to chat about what he’s doing with Double Take Comics, and he let us in on an exclusive bit a news as well! Listen in and follow along with the show notes! (more…)

Geek Show Episode 36 Show Notes – New Deadpool TV Spots, Batman v Superman Images, Return of Deathstroke

See what’s going on during episode 36 of the Geek Show! Read the rest of this entry

Four Actors I Would Love To See Play Cable

Now that Ryan Reynolds as confirmed that a Deadpool and Cable movie is being talked about it’s time to fan-cast our favorite time traveling mutant from the future.  Read the rest of this entry

AfterShock Comics’ ‘Strayer’ #1 Review

Justin Jordan is back with a new character that is, reluctantly, set to save the world.  Read the rest of this entry

Lord Of The Rings Recut Like Suicide Squad Trailer

If you’re a fan of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and the new Suicide Squad trailer, you’re going to love this.  Read the rest of this entry

The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 35 – The Week of DC


What a week it’s been! Lots of news and so much to cover and so little time. Ready to get into it? OK then, get the show notes and start listening, it’s Geek Time!

Geek Show Episode 35 Notes – New Suicide Squad Trailer, Steve Rogers Returns as Captain America

Get up to speed with what’s going on during the latest episode of the Geek Show! Read the rest of this entry

Did Maisie Williams Deliver A Major Jon Snow Spoiler?

We all know what happened to Jon Snow at the end of the last season of “Game of Thrones.” So did Maisie Williams just drop a major spoiler? Read the rest of this entry

First Look At DC’s Justice League

We knew that DC and Warner Bros were working toward a Justice League film, and we now have concept art! Read the rest of this entry

I Actually Don’t Hate This New Theory About Supreme Leader Snoke’s Identity

There have been a few terrible theories about Supreme Leader Snoke’s true identity thrown out there, but this new one isn’t bad.  Read the rest of this entry


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