Rich’s Geek Cave – Got Didgeridoo? [VIDEO]

Eric “ET” Telesky is a guest in the Geek Cave and he brings and plays his Didgeridoo to start the show! Plus we do a beer taste test of something I picked up at the local Price Chopper. (more…)

Homer Simpson Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [VIDEO]

Almost everyone has stepped up and taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, raising awareness and donations for the disease.  In the last month, over 88 million dollars have been raised compared to just 2.6 million donated in that span a year ago.  The challenges have been accepted by not just the average folk like you and us here at X-Jock, but celebrities and even Presidents have felt the cold ice down their back and reached into their wallets to help combat ALS.  Today, we see one of the most iconic celebrities of all-time accept his challenge – a 25 year TV and movie star and Springfield native… Homer J. Simpson. Watch Homer take the challenge and see who he nominates.

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Play in the X-Jock Fantasy Football League

Like football? Like pretending like you coach a team? Then you’ll love playing in our X-Jock Fantasy Football League! Play against all of us here at X-Jock and some of our friends.

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Doctor Strange Will Not Get An Origin Movie

In the latest news from Marvel Studios, the highly anticipated Doctor Strange movie is coming, and it looks like they are jumping right into the action and skipping the back story.  Read the rest of this entry

Picture of Scoot McNairy On The Set of DC’s Batman vs. Superman as The Flash?

So this has me kind of wondering if DC will screw up their chance with Batman vs. Superman or if they are actually doing something right. I’m going to say they will screw it up based on their past record. Read the rest of this entry

The X-Cast: #GeekShow Episode 4 – Star Wars For a Change [AUDIO]


Spoiler Alert! After a ton of news and rumors that came out the last couple days for the new Star Wars movie and for the new TV show Rebels, we figured we needed to get on this and do a show, so we’re back after a little over a week.  (more…)

Foo Fighters Accept Ice Bucket Challenge – Recreate Prom Scene From ‘Carrie’

Everyone has been doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, including myself and Rich. Now Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have accepted their challenge, and it’s way better than ours.  Read the rest of this entry

RUMOR: Disney to Release Unaltered Star Wars Original Trilogy on BluRay

“This will be a day long remembered.” That’s what Darth Vader said as teh Death Star entered the Yavin system to blow up the rebel base in A New Hope. Now word is coming out that Disney will listen to fans and release the unedited original trilogy on BluRay Discs. YIPPEE!! Read the rest of this entry

Sharks v. Internet : Watch Sharks Chew On Underwater Internet Cables [VIDEO]

It’s not the NSA, FBI or dictatorial governments that don’t want you to have access to the internet, it’s sharks!

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Daryl Dixon From ‘The Walking Dead’ Could Be Gay and the World Is Freaking Out

Creator of AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead” is creating an uproar among fans of the show after some statements made about whether or not Daryl Dixon is gay or not.  Read the rest of this entry


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