Holy Cow! We’re Back!

After a long stint off line, we have finally returned and with a couple of cool bits of news. First, we got ourselves a new blogger! And he is no slouch by any means. He knows his way around a keyboard and is a decent speller.

bjWho is this person? Why none other that fellow Q103 on air alum, BJ Ragone! After a stint in New England where people eat lots of seafood and have to take “wickad pissahs”, he has returned to the Albany, N.Y. area and has decided to join the merry band here at X-Jock.

The other bit of news is, we’re on a different server. A more permanent server that will probably be better at staying up and running for longer periods of time. We know you had us saved with a different URL, but this one is better and with some luck, we’ll have a proper URL you can save in your browsers.

Oh yes, one last thing. The previous stories we had posted on the old site have sadly been lost. Our backups were corrupted and are pretty useless so I decided to make a fresh start with a better backup plan. And so with that, I hear by proclaim this site open!!

About BIG Rich Lawrence

The guy who keeps this joint running, and digital hipster, because meat space is soooo old!

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