I Want to Kick Seth McFarlane in the Man Place

I’m not a devoted follower of Family Guy, but when I do watch, I always enjoy it. But last night, Seth McFarlane and the writers did something that I may never be able to forgive them for. And it makes me want to kick them in the place where it hurts a lot when you’re a guy.In last night’s episode, The Griffin family dog, Brian Griffin, was killed off. Yeah, he was a cartoon dog, but honestly, he was a big part of the show to me. His adventures and sparring with Stewie, made the show for me. Even the whole “Cool Wh-ip” could make me laugh every single time. It never got old. Or when Stewie beat the crap out of Brian when he owed him money. Yeah, Family Guy is not exactly “high brow” humor, but it was still funny! Until now that is. I would rather watch Bill Nye teach a Quantum Mechanics class in a clown suit then watch Family Guy now.

For those that missed it, here is the sad scene. Even though it’s a cartoon, it’s still pretty emotional.

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