Is Jon Bon Jovi Interested In Buying the Buffalo Bills?

It’s no news that Jon Bon Jovi is a sports fan. He was the owner of the Philadelphia Soul arena football team from 2004-2008, so could he be interested in NFL ownership?



There were a lot of rumors circulating around that Jon Bon Jovi is interested in purchasing the Buffalo Bills. The current Bills owner, Ralph Wilson, is almost 100 years old. There has been talk that once he passes away – which could literally be any second unless he’s cut some deal with the devil – his children want nothing to do with the Buffalo Bills.

So is Bon Jovi interested? Yes, and no. The rumors that he is actively pursuing the team are false, according to his publicist.  BUT there is hope. Jon Bon Jovi is interested in one day owning an NFL team, just not right now, I guess.

I do wonder how New Yorkers will feel about a native New Jersey-ite (?) owning the only true New York football team. The Giants and Jets are really in his neck of the woods.

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