Who’s Shopping on Thanksgiving?

So the trend lately has been that people are going out looking for deals on Thanksgiving night after all the turkey is bagged and in the fridge with the rest of left overs. And Many retail chains have been kind enough to open earlier and earlier to accommodate these shoppers. But are you planning on going shopping on Thanksgiving night?Crossgates ShoppingI personally, will not and I feel that we shouldn’t. I mean, it’s a holiday for spending time with family and friends, reconnecting with them and giving thanks for what we have. I guess you could give thanks for a new 32″ flatscreen on sale for $299, but wait a minute, because there is more! What about all the people who are working on Thanksgiving? I can see if they volunteered for it, but what if they are being told they have to work on that day? To me this just seems like more and more commercialization of the time we should be spending with the people that matter.

Not that the cashier at register 2 doesn’t matter, but I mean come on. Don’t we all deserve to have some downtown and truly be thankful for what we have?

With that being said, why not let us know what you think, by taking our poll:


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