Albany Is The 12th Best Small Metro College Destination, According To New Study

For the longest time UAlbany was ranking as one of the biggest party schools in the country. Those days are long gone, thanks to “the man”, and now it’s actually becoming known for education. 

The Albany Business Review reports that Albany has been ranked #12, in terms of the best small cities, for college destinations. I have to say that I agree, because this little city has an awful lot to offer. Our area is home to 18 four-year schools. We also happen to have some great restaurants, and culture. Plus, the nightlife is rebuilding itself. I certainly had a great time out in Albany in my college days.

New York, as it turns out, is a pretty sweet place to attend college in general. The study by AIER shows that New York City, Buffalo and Ithaca, NY rank in the top 5 places to attend college in major metro, and small and midsize places. Ithaca, NY was actully ranked the #1 best college town. New York City beat out Boston as the best major metro area to attend school.

See the full breakdown of colleges here.

[Albany Business Review]

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