Roses Unread – The Best Band You Haven’t Heard

If you’re looking for the next big rock band, take a listen to the one that’ll be dominating the airwaves soon – Roses Unread.

By day, Allison “Unread”  Teague Purifoy is a second grade school teacher. By night,  Allison Unread is blowing us away with her phenomenal rock vocals.  As the leader singer of Roses Unread, Allison fronts a five-person rock band that hails from Tennessee.  As she grinds it out at local venues, now is the time to get in on the Unread stock – before they’re selling out venues like the Times Union Center all over the country.

Allison joins her accountant/guitarist husband, John Purifoy, an EMT named Caveman who drums, an insurance agent that can shred in Blake Becton and Mitch Harris who plays bass and works in an auto body shop.  After their day jobs, Roses Unread plays shows around TN., packs venues and builds a dedicated fan base.  With shows booked through February of 2014 already, it shouldn’t be long before RU makes an impact on the national scene.

The band added me on Facebook several months ago.  Recently, RU followed me on Instagram.  I finally sat down and listened to what the band had to offer – and before I got through 20 seconds of their video for Blind Lead the Blind, I was hooked.  I reached out to the band via Twitter and found they’re constantly posting new content – songs, videos, photos, concert dates, etc.  They have three albums you can purchase to hold you over until the band ventures out our way to put on a show for you and I.  You’ll also see that band interacts with us!  In fact, Alison dared us to send her a message tonight on her Facebook:

Allison Unread: “I dare you to make a post about Roses Unread and make and tag me in it!”

Take a listen to Roses Unread, the best band you haven’t heard of…yet.  Add RU on Facebook and tell them you can’t wait until they come to Capital Region.  C’mon’ – Allison is DARING us to do it!

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