Thanksgiving has a New Name

We’ve heard about it for a month, and people have been bitching and complaining about the stores opening on Thanksgiving day. Now while just lounging and listening to the radio, I hear CBS 6’s Ed O’Brien talking about how Thanksgiving shopping now has a new name.

20131128-085250.jpgHappy Brown Thursday! Kind of wondering who came up with that name. Brown seems a fitting color as it’s the the color of what I think about all this shopping on a day that is supposed to be for family and friends. Maybe I’m a grumpier old man than our own Monte, but I don’t care, I really think the companies that open on these days are really contributing to the commercialization and taking something away from the real meaning of the holidays.

Unless of course you like those knock down, drag out fights or getting mace in your face. Then hey, have fun! Don’t let me ruin it for you.

About BIG Rich Lawrence

The guy who keeps this joint running, and digital hipster, because meat space is soooo old!

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