Three Days After Giving Birth, This New Mom Has Rock Hard Abs, And The World Is Pissed

Sometimes when celebrities have a baby we are amazed that they lose the baby belly so fast. Usually it’s within a month, or so. Still, that’s super quick compared to the months that it takes most normal mothers to get back into shape after a pregnancy. Until this super woman emerged online, and made a whole lot of people mad. 

ABC News

ABC News

First of all, this woman happens to be Caroline Berg Eriksen, and she happens to be the wife of a professional soccer player, and also has the biggest fitness blog in Norway.

Second, don’t you think someone with the biggest fitness blog in Norway might be being a little bit more healthy during her pregnancy to reduce the fat that she gains?

ABC News reports that the world isn’t happy because just three days after giving birth, she’s sporting a six pack. Sure, it’s a bit unnatural, but give this lady props for getting right back to it. She’s not waiting around for some baby. The only cravings she was having during pregnancy was for an ab workout, and a protein shake.

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