An Open Letter To The Idiot Fans of ‘Duck Dynasty’

I will openly admit that at first, I was amused by the silly redneck antics of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty”, but I have to say that I am over it. 



I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed today and saw a great piece written by Rick Rodman of 103.7 The Hawk in Billings, Montana. Basically, much like myself, he liked this show. Now, he’s just annoyed by all the idiot fans. I’m with him.

Why do we need a “Duck Dynasty” travel coffee mug, or a bathrobe, or anything that’s not related to being a duck-call? The answer is we don’t. I was walking through Bed Bath & Beyond last week and saw “Duck Dynasty” bobble heads. Collectible sure, but in 5 years, will you care? I certainly hope not.

Has America gotten dumber? We’re watching a show where these hillbillies struggle with everyday things, and when they can’t figure out how their iPod works, they blow it up. In between that, they say some prayers, how cute. OVER IT.

For the same reasons I can’t stand the Kardishians, “Survivor” or any number of dumbass talent shows that are taking over my TV. I like shows with substance like “Breaking Bad”, “Person of Interest”, “The Walking Dead”, “Spartacus”, and others.

As far as “Duck Dynasty” goes, isn’t it time that we “blowed it up?”


An educated American

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Just a man with a computer, smartphone and a ridiculous amount of pop culture knowledge.

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