Wearing Opposing Team Gear To An NFL Game – Monte Takes The Challenge

We all know that guy.  The guy that wears  a Red Sox jersey in the bleachers of Yankee Stadium.  The fella in the Cowboys coat in MetLife.  Mr. “I can wear a Duke t-shirt at the Dean Dome.”  This is usually the same fan whom is escorted from the game twenty minutes after it started.  Not because the police are homers – but more for the safety of the brave away team’s fan.   Threats of ice balls to the face and 20,000 mamma jokes can take their toll and things could escalate.  NEVER did I think I would be THAT guy.  However, my Detroit Lions are coming to Philadelphia this weekend.   Am I ready to gear up, Detroit style?

Wearing opposing team gear to games can certainly cause hostility in a volatile area.  We’ve read too many unfortunate situations in which people have had batteries thrown at them, beer poured on their heads and even kicking people square in the face.  As a grown man, I condone none of this.  We’re adults – there is zero need to cause physical harm during a game.  At the end of the day, we all need to realize – it’s a game.  You should be allowed to root for whomever your heart desires. That being said – there is nothing wrong with a little ribbing!

Ribbing – all fun and harmless. You’ve done it.  “Mets SUCK!” <– How often do you say that during a Yankee game?  How do you keep Tony Romo from parking in your space?  Paint it like an End Zone.  Why isn’t Christmas celebrated at Duke games?  You can’t find a virgin or three wise men anywhere.  Hey yo!   Hell, the Eagles BOOED SANTA! Monte is not only fine with some ribbing but I don’t mind being the ribee (did I just make that word up?).

This weekend, my Detroit Lions are playing within driving distance as they suit up to play in Philadelphia to take on the Eagles.  While tailgating on Sunday, I can’t NOT be ready to root on my team.  I’m going to be decked out in Lions garb as I grill some quee-nos.  I have: a Lions t-shirt, sweat shirt, socks, hat, gloves and Megatron jersey.

Security measures have increased in recent years.  In fact, the Seahawks have recently had police go undercover, wearing opposing team jerseys. Fans that fail to obey certain rules such as verbal or physical harassment are removed from the stadium and forced to take an on-line course regarding fan behavior.  The banned fan must pay a $75 fee to take the course!  I feel pretty confident that I’ll be OK being THAT guy on Sunday.  None the less, there is small chance someone pelts me with an ice ball while grilling.  I ask you – what are the odds Monte makes it out of Lincoln Financial unscathed?



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I love sports, fantasy sports, fantasizing about sports and sporting fantasies. Currently host the afternoon show on 88.3 http://www.wvcr.com/Programming.asp - check out my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/monte.jennings.5#!/pages/Monte/220290668108028 or twitter @MonteJenningsJr I pay people handsomely to update my status for me. I'm far too popular and important to handle my own updates.

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