Robinson Cano, and Jay-Z Are Exactly What Is Wrong With Baseball

By now we all know that a long-term deal for any athlete is a huge mistake. Yes, sometimes it’s a matter of keeping a great player in the same uniform for their entire career (Jeter, Brady, Pedroia), but other times it’s all about the money. 



I can tell you right now that as a Yankee fan I am pissed that Robinson Cano, probably one of my favorite Yankees of the last 8 years, has left a great organization for nothing but money. ESPN reports that Cano has reached a deal with the Seattle Mariners for 10 years and $240 million.

This is total bullshit, because I totally thought Cano would be a lifetime member of the New York Yankees. He came up through the minor leagues with the Yankees, and has played with them on a major league level since 2005. He has a World Series Championship (2009) with them as well.

So when was the last time that Seattle won a World Series? Never. When was their last division title? You’ll have to go all the way back to 2001 for that. Before that, they only won the division in 1997 and 1995. What a joke. Clearly he doesn’t have a better shot at winning in Seattle. At 31 years old, have fun with that 10 year deal, Mariners. You now have a guy on the downward side of his career. It’s not going to get better.

So who’s to blame? I say that Jay Z is a big problem. His stupid hip hop mentality has seen the Nets move to Brooklyn (they’re doing SO well) and Robinson Cano is now on the other side of the country with a team that in the long run doesn’t pose any sort of threat.

I thought Jay Z was all about New York? His home. His team? Nope. Thanks for making it an easier decision for people who are already on the fence of whether they hate baseball, or simply don’t give a shit at all.

At least we got Kelly Johnson, right?



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