Knicks J.R. Smith Brings Schoolyard Tactics To NBA, Shocker!

Admittedly, I’m writing this with a little hatred for J.R. Smith, but still. Earlier this week he was caught on camera untying th shoes of Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks.

If I were watching highlights from the playground, this might not be surprise me, but this is the NBA. Now, J.R. Smith may just be a huge jerk, but he’s not the only player to attempt something like this.

One of my favorite players, Kevin Garnett, did petty little stuff like this all the time. The biggest difference? He’s Kevin Garnett. A well respected veteran player, and future hall of famer. J.R. Smith is currently just a punk.

Smith was issued a warning for this. That was on January 5th. On January 7th, he attempted the same thing. This time he failed.

Like most of you, I’m probably just noticing this now, but I wonder how many players do something like this on the regular? Still, pretty weak.

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