Planet Fitness Removes Squat Racks Because They Are Too Intimidating — For Real?

Alright. Enough is enough. I had been hearing that Planet Fitness had removed squat racks at various gyms because they were too “intimidating”, but it turns out that it is true. 

I can’t even believe that a gym would do that. Squats are a great core workout, and if you find them to be intimidating you may want to just stay away from the free weights in the first place.

The whole thing blew up on Facebook when someone left a comment about missing squat racks. I will come to the defense of PF here (reluctantly) and say that there are other options for doing squats. They still have all of their Smith Machines, which I prefer. You can do a number of exercises there, and you don’t need a spotter. So there’s that. But for real, Planet Fitness needs to man up because this whole thing is just sad.

Planet Fitness has always been a place where normal people can go without feeling out of place at a traditional gym that is filled with girls wearing outfits that are too small, and jacked up dudes walking around like tools. I am a member of Planet Fitness, and while it fits my needs, it’s kind of a junior gym. It’s much more affordable than other gyms and places to work out. So you kind of get what you pay for.

The “lunk” alarm, the pizza nights, the bagels. All of this needs to stop. At the same time, tools who gel up their hair to go work out – or stare in the mirror and take selfies – need stop top too. I think the world needs a gym make over.



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