Fifteen Year French Study Says Bras Make Boobs Sag/Unnessecary

Some very smart French scientists have recently concluded a 15 year study on breasts and the necessity of wearing bras. After all that time, the conclusion is that they are a ‘False Necessity’, and will actually encourage them to sag, and provide no benefits and may be harmful in the long term. I should have guessed the French would be doing a study like this.

787px-Buestenhalter-2Jean-Denis Rouillon, a professor at the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon, conducted the study at the university’s hospital. He measured and examined the breasts of over 300 women, between the ages 18 and 35, noting that the additional support provided by bras affects the woman’s body over a period of time. His study found that women that don’t use bras over the long term, developed more muscle tissue for more support. When bras are worn, the tissue that would support the breasts, doesn’t grow causing the sagging. Nipples were also found to be lifted higher in relation to the shoulders.

Now, as a man, I can’t vouch for any of this obviously, but we would like to hear from women and get their thoughts on this new study. Post a reply and share what you think about it.

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  1. I’m sorry but how do these scientists ever watch the national geographic channel?????

  2. What I meant to say was… “DO these scientists ever watch the national geographic channel?????” C’mon now…don’t be silly… It’s not the muscles that hold breast up… It the Coopers ligament…

    • BIG Rich Lawrence

      I’m surprised someone stuck with the research that long. Scratch that. If it was a guy then, yeah, I’m not surprised. And to be fair, I don’t have any frame of reference, as I’m pretty sure my “moobs” don’t count.

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