That Time I Got Into A Twitter Fight With A Women’s Basketball Play By Play Guy

So I was excited to stream my sister in-law’s college basketball game on Saturday. Her team, The Saint Francis Red Flash, was taking on the Robert Morris University Colonials. Little did I know that I would get way more out of the day than just watching a basketball game.

As soon as the game started you got a real hostile feel from the host, Robert Morris. They really wanted to beat Saint Francis, and that division rivalry bled over to the broadcast booth where I had the pleasure of hearing Adam Gusky and some other dude call the game. What a treat!

Like usual, I was putting my opinion about the game on twitter. For instance in the first half I watched the RMU girls walk with the ball, and slam into the Saint Francis Girls with no calls. This would have been fair if the refs were calling the same for Saint Francis, but they weren’t – at least in the first half.

Not only was I frustrated with the refs, but the announcers were atrocious. I realize that home play by play guys will be excited when things go right for the home team, but these guys were basically cheering for RMU the whole time. They only talked about negative things about Saint Francis. Being that I have an invested interest in Saint Francis, that shit was getting old quick.

So I decided to tweet to the RMU Athletics twitter account my frustration, not really expecting what was going to happen to happen.

Here’s how it went:

twitter_1 twitter_2 twitter_3

I’m just going to assume I’m not the only guy who has called this guy out for being terrible. Oh, the other thing I said that insulted him was the fact that I thought he had never watched an actual basketball game.

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