Albany News Woman Doubles As YouTube Funny Girl

If you have seen Time Warner Cable News (formerly YNN and Capital News 9) there is a very good chance that you have seen the lovely and talented Kate Welshofer.  Not only is Kate bringing you the latest Albany, NY news, but she’s also making us laugh on YouTube



It was a few months ago that I started to follow her Web Series called No Teleprompter No Mercy, and I have to say this is a very different side to the normally series newscaster.

I think when we think of “news people” we usually think of them as buttoned up stuffy people. Kate is anything but, and her videos are hysterical.  One of my favorite parts is that her cat makes guest appearances. As a male “cat lady”, I can really relate. Her takes on pop culture are great, and this has quickly become one of my favorite subscriptions on YouTube.

Check out her latest episode:

According to her news biography, Kate is originally from Western NY but now calls the Albany Area her home.

You can follow her on YouTube and see all of her videos.

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