10 Reasons Why Yoga Pants Are The Most Dangerous Weapon Of All

There is no question that guys love Yoga Pants, and girls look damn good in them. But ladies, do you understand what you do to us when you do wear them?

I mean don’t get me wrong, God bless lululemon and all, but these pants are crazy. The biggest reason girls like to wear yoga pants is that they hate wearing pants. Not sure why, but women just don’t like it. So naturally, pants that are skin tight are a pretty good substitute for having to be confined in these awful things.

One thing is certain: If a girl is wearing yoga pants, it will render a man helpless. Disabled. Incoherent. They’re almost like chemical warfare. It’s just a huge advantage. You can also blame it on the male race being weak as hell when it comes to seeing some curves, but I DIGRESS!

The yoga pants battle has been going on for a while. Guys get in trouble for looking. Girls act like they don’t want you to look. One school even banned them for being a distraction. I can’t say I blame them.

So here are my reasons why yoga pants are the most dangerous weapon of all time:

Reason 1:

yoga pants 2

Reason 2:

yoga pants 1

Reason 3:

yoga pants 3

Reason 4:

yoga pants 4

Reason 5:

yoga pants 5

Reason 6:

yoga pants 6

Reason 7: *Also Kate Upton*

yoga pants 7

Reason 8:

yoga pants 8

Reason 9:

yoga pants 9

Reason 10:

yoga pants 10

Need I say more?

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