We All Hate New Year’s Resolutioners at the Gym, But Should We?

So here we are at the end of January. Most gyms have run their join now for little money promotions to get all the “resolutioners” in the door. Like most regular gym goers, it is in our blood to hate them. But should we really be hating them?

Sure, they take up our machines and come at our regular time. It screws up our routine, and frankly, it’s very funny watching them.



Usually we are counting down the days until they all inevitably give up and we can have peace and quiet once again. I think we should take a different approach. I think we should be proud of them. We should encourage them. As annoying as it is, they are, like you and I, trying to better themselves. When you think about it that way, it kind of makes all the haters seem kind of selfish.

Basically all I am saying is that at one point in our lives we all decided to try and be healthy. Maybe some of us decided to do it earlier in life, and others later in life. We were all newbies at the gym at one time or another, so we should be cutting these people some slack.

Give them a little help, because they might not know exactly how the machines work:



Sometimes they might get in a little over their head:



Because we all know that even though we try something, we might fail:



So let’s cut them a bit of slack because we’ve all been there. It may not be the gym, but being the new kid on the block is never easy. But having a friend along the way is always helpful.

Just something to think on.

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