Lego Is Releasing Fan Made 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Set

Call me a big kid if you like, but I still love Legos. I even got some for last Christmas from my wife! Star Wars of course, because she knows me. I recently discovered that Lego community and fan site CUUSO, has gotten Lego to create and release some cool sets created by fans, Like Back to The Future and Minecraft. Now a Ghostbuster one is now on it’s way! Hells yeah!

Looking at some of these pictures, the set looks awesome! Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon along with Slimer and Ecto-1. It looks amazing. No price has been announced yet for it, but it’s expected to be released sometime this year. You can check the video below for more info. Also be aware that the final look and what’s included in the product could be different from what the designer has prototyped for this set. So don’t get too worked up on the current look. But could this maybe lead to a new Lego video game? Or how about an animated TV movie like Star Wars? I don’t know if that’ll happen, but if it does, I wouldn’t complain. And I will probably be saving my hard earned cash for this set.

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