New Amazing Video of Felix Baumgartner Free Falling from 19 Miles Above the Earth

Back on October 12th 2012, Felix Baumgartner jumped from a pod, attached to a balloon 19 miles above the Earth and became the first person to free fall faster than the speed of sound. I remember watching it, and thinking how amazing it was seeing this live on the internet. But the video that was shown was no where near amazing as this video.

Felix had a bunch of GoPro cameras attached to him, getting every angle of the fall that you can imagine. After a year, we are finally seeing the finished video of Felix’s amazing free fall. And it should be noted, that the person at Mission Control, that Felix is talking to, is Joe Kittenger Jr., who did a free fall from 19 miles above the Earth back in the 1960s, but never reached Mach 1 on his free fall. This is an awesome video!

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The guy who keeps this joint running, and digital hipster, because meat space is soooo old!

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