Georgia Lawyer’s Local Super Bowl Ad Blew Away Local Albany Lawyer’s Ad

Like a lot of people, I watched the Broncos pretty much give up and bend over on national television. But I was more interested in the commercials then the game. Then I saw a local law firm’s Super Bowl Ad. Cool, Zombies! Then I saw Jamie Casino’s local Super Bowl ad on YouTube. HOLY SHIT!

This guy’s ad had him looking like The Punisher, from Marvel Comics! He was all bad ass and swinging a sledge hammer! A mother f’ing sledge hammer! For a minute I thought I was watching a trailer for a new movie. I was hooked. I was ready to set the DVR for the time and date for that show. When it was all over, I remembered that this was an ad for a lawyer in Georgia.

After watching it, and letting the story of his brother sink in, and seeing how he’s gone from defending scumbags, to the everyday man, I feel for this guy. He’s found his calling and he’s living up to it. As for the local lawyer ad for Martin, Harding and Mazzotti, I’m sorry guys, but he totally blew your zombie ad away. And I get you guys were never in a competition on who’s ad is better, but seriously, if I had a choice for my lawyer, I would hang with Jamie Casino. I mean come on! HIs last name is Casino! This dude should move his law practice to Vegas and do a show twice a day 3 times a week!

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