The Simple Yet Powerful Message Of Google’s Olympic Doodle



With the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia of course Google had to break out a doodle. It’s something they always do for events both big and small, but this simple doodle makes a powerful statement. Russia, who has taken massive steps backwards last year by banning gay couples from foreign countries from adopting their children, also put a ban on “gay propaganda” – rainbow flags and such – during the Olympics.  The anti-gay law passed last summer outraged thousands of gay citizens in Russia, and the rest of the world. Talk about a massive violation of human rights.

It makes me wonder why Vladimir Putin is such a homophobe.

So what does Google do to honor the start of the Olympics? They put out a doodle with rainbow colors on it. Awesome.

A simple yet effective way of sending a message to Russia to suck it! Equality for everyone.


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