College Kid Pees on a Cop’s Head and Gets Arrested.

You can’t make this stuff up. And the fact that you can’t, only makes the realization that some dumb ass actually did this, all the more real to the fact that you can’t fix stupid.

Albany Police

McCall Photo: Albany Police

Noah McCall, who is a 19 year old student at SUNY Albany, got himself arrested for allegedly peeing off of a stairway of a frat house, when some of Albany’s finest were investigating a loud party complaint. We don’t know if McCall didn’t see the cop or just didn’t care, but he peed on the cop and was arrested for reckless assault. To make matters worse for himself, he also has a phony Florida ID. Well, if you;re going to do something, don;t do it half ass I guess. Also arrested was Luca Wuinn, also 19, for having brass knuckles, which are a big no no in New York.

All this went down at the Pi Kappa Phi house on Hudson Avenue. The thing is, Pi Kappa Phi isn’t a recognized fraternity at SUNY Albany, because of hazing incidents that took place in 2012. And to make matters worse for everyone that may have been still living in the house, the police noted some unsafe conditions in the house and asked for an inspection, which found that the house was unsafe for habitation. So it looks like now, that is getting shutdown.

The cop who got peed on was taken to an area hospital for exposure to bodily fluids. Whoever said Sundays in Albany were boring, hasn’t been out of the house lately.

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