Albany, NY Model Chelsie Aryn Featured in 2014 Affliction Clothing Calendar

It’s always nice to see when someone from the same small town you grew up in is making moves in the world. Berne, NY’s Chelsie Aryn is really making herself known in the modeling world. 

The 2014 Affliction Clothing Calendar video is coming, and we can all get a sneak peak of it below. Chelsie is one of the models featured this year, and she can totally hold her own with these lovely ladies.

She has left the Albany area and is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia where she no doubt taught them all a thing about winter this year.

On her resume (so far) Chelsie has been featured as Playboy’s Miss Social, countless other modeling gigs around the country, and was an MMA ring girl. She also happens to love the New York Jets, and takes selfies every time they score a touchdown. Unfortunately we don’t get to see many of those – sorry Chelsie, I had to.

Checkout her Model Mayhem page as well as her official Facebook page.

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