An Open Letter To The Residents Of Haswell Farms in Delmar, NY

Let me first start out by saying that Delmar is a pretty wonderful place. It has a lot to offer a young man such as myself, but unfortunately a few people are all it takes to spoil a good thing. I’m looking at you, Haswell Farms residents.

Now I grew up in the Albany Hilltowns. Everyone knew everyone, and sure there were a few jerks – my neighbors were a some of them – but generally it was a type of place where everyone got along and pretty much everything was pleasant.

I see the Delmar/Bethlehem/Glenmont area sort of like that. Except what I’m finding out is that a certain group of residents thinks that they are better than everyone else. That they can do no wrong. That they are blaming everyone else for the problems in their neighborhood.

For the last few months I have lived in the Enclave development in Glenmont. This particular development has two neighboring developments in Dutch Mills and Haswell Farms. The people of the Enclave and Dutch Mills are pretty quiet. They keep to themselves and don’t complain. BUT the people of Haswell have made life hell for everyone. They have been complaining about people driving through their neighborhood (THE HORROR) and claim that they are all speeding. The thing I don’t understand is that they think that it’s all due to traffic from the Enclave residents.

Right. There is no possible way that people from precious Haswell Farms could be speeding.



This all came to an ugly head for me when I first moved back to the area in October 2013. I was pulled over in Haswell Farms for going 33 in a 30 – downhill I might add. The cop claimed I was going 35 and that under normal circumstances he would not give me a ticket, but there have been many complaints about speeding lately. When I went to traffic court the town lawyer basically told me the same thing, that they usually never see tickets for things like this but the “people of Haswell Farms have made life difficult for the town of Bethlehem.” No shit.

So last night was a big town meeting about this speeding problem. I will say right out that I did not waste my time going to this bitch-fest. Apparently Haswell farms brought in “traffic consultants” (whatever the hell that is) and they concluded in that report that yes there was a speeding problem. They also concluded in this report done back in November 2013 that the traffic volume was “consistent with the levels that would be anticipated with the size of these neighborhoods and with the local street function.” The Bethlehem Spotlight also points out that it is unlikely other vehicles are “cutting through” Haswell, and that the problems are most likely being caused by, you guessed it, the people living there.



In conclusion I would just like to say please get off your high horse. You (the people of Haswell) are no better than the people of the Enclave, Dutch Mills or anywhere else. You are the awful pretentious residents of Bethlehem we have all grown to hate. To top it off you have shitty kids who do stupid things. Maybe you need to take a look in the mirror before you start making accusations.

I would also like to thank you for wasting countless hours of police man power. Thank you to the Bethlehem Police Department for putting up with this nonsense.


Everyone else in Delmar/Bethlehem/Glenmont

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  1. BJ, I think your writing is great, but rather uninformed in this case. I grew up in Haswell Farms, and as there are a ton of small children in there I can definitely see why it’s an issue to control speeding -it’s just that the only people who get noticed talking about issues like these are making blanket statements of one extreme or another. A community is made a community by the involvement of it’s members – simply bashing an entire group of people rather than taking action to make a difference doesn’t fall under that category. It seems like you care a lot about your community, maybe you should get more actively involved.

    • Yes, but the study showed that it was the people of Haswell that were doing the speeding, and likely not others. If these people don’t stop their shit and try and fix themselves then we’re all screwed. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. It’s great that you generalize a whole neighborhood off a small amount of the neighborhood complaining. Being an insider on their meetings, which you are obviously not, not everyone agrees in Haswell and not everyone believes it isn’t anyone in Haswell is speeding. Uninformed.

  3. Do not generalize all the people in Haswell, secondly stop complaining and drive with due regard while driving in a neighborhood filled with children playing in the streets.

    • How about parents just teach their spoiled little Bethlehem brats to not play in the street? You own your home and property, but not the road. Driving at 25 – 30 mph should be suitable for safety. However, you cannot fix stupid.

  4. Thank you. You are right. I had previously lived in haswell farms for a long period of time and grew to completely DESPISE it because of the people who live there. Extremely rude, unfriendly and very unkind. Before I lived in haswell I lived in a neighborhood where everybody was friendly and kind, everybody knew each other, would smile and wave when someone drove or walked by. The residents of haswell farms will not look at you, let alone wave or smile. It’s seriously sad. I hope one day these people I have encountered can get the sticks out of their rich white asses and make more of a community out of their neighborhood. (Note: not all people who live in haswell are like this, but the ones who are make it known)

    • That’s because before you move into Haswell you have to perfectly shove a stick up your ass. If you don’t you won’t fit in. Which is most likely the case with you. As you can see from the two above comments, these people are stuck inside of a bubble. A snobby, horrible, shitty, bubble. Rock on, Rachael.

      • I have lived in Bethlehem my entire life and I am now 46years old. All I can say is that the ENTIRE town if Bethlehem has become a very unpleasant place to live. I have 4 children, 2 out of college and 2 in high school. I frequently run in Delmar and I am appalled at the rude, unfriendly residents that now live here. Approximately 2 out of 15 people I pass on my run say hello when I do or even acknowledge my presence! God forbid you move your precious ass over so I can actually stay on the sidewalk. Instead, you glare at me like I have no right to even look at you. Everyone is so busy trying to “one up” everyone else in this town , that common courtesy has become non existent. I brought my children up to be friendly and respectful and thankfully they are. They also notice the “I’m better than you” attitude of others here. My house will be up for sale the day after my youngest graduates!

      • I 100% agree with you Cheryl, and thank you for your feedback. Delmar and Bethlehem has become this community that no one wants to associate with. A culture of snobbery.

  5. I laugh at all of this. This issue of speeding is so microscopic yet all you snobby (white) folks make it seem like people are being brutally murdered out in haswell. Calm down people are dying in other areas of the world with violence, starvation, and many other REAL issues. God for bid someone speeds and the world stops. Think about all of that for a little then try to complain. Stop bitching snobby folks of bethlehem.

  6. BJ, while your article is totally valid as an opinion to have; you make a weak argument as to why people should agree with your final conclusion of ” In conclusion I would just like to say please get off your high horse. You (the people of Haswell) are no better than the people of the Enclave, Dutch Mills or anywhere else. You are the awful pretentious residents of Bethlehem we have all grown to hate.” Parents have all the right to complain about the issues facing their neighborhood while it may seem over the top to you it’s not a crazy request that people follow the speed limit (whether they live their or not). You even say that you got pulled over in Haswell while cutting through to the Enclave so it’s clear that people who speed (you in this case) do cut through. I understand that you are venting over this issue due to being pulled over but take a step back and realize kids will play outside and parents will always be protective of those kids because they have a vested interest in their well-being.

    • Ryan, I totally agree with you. This is 100% an opinion piece, but clearly the entire town is fed up with the people of Haswell. I have quotes from the cop and the Town lawyer saying that the only reason i even got a ticket ws because the people of Haswell won’t stop complaining.

      On another note, I watch people from Haswell regularly speed through the other neighborhoods with no regard for children or people in the streets. The bottom line is, they think they are better than everyone else and rules don’t apply.

  7. Rayne Millaray

    Wow. Seriously? Jesus, NYers are petty assholes.

  8. There is an easy solution. All of the residents of Haswell Farms need to agree to place GPS’s in all there cars for one month. If they can prove that they don’t drive on average 3mph over the speed limit… not only in thier neighborhood but EVERYWHERE then we should all grant them what they want. Otherwise… well you know.

  9. I live in Haswell and didn’t move in “with a stick up my ass.” I came from a very humble start and worked two jobs through college so that I could pay for my education and make a decent living. Your article is full of ignorance and incredible hatred. You can’t generalize an entire neighborhood. I have kind neighbors. We help each other out whenever needed. You are seriously going to bring innocent children into this and call them “shitty?” My husband and I are raising three children who are not “shitty.” They are kind, giving, and hard working kids. Because that’s the way my husband and I were raised. I don’t even want to talk about the speeding. I never got involved. Some of my best friends live in the Enclave. I think of us as a community. You sound like a miserable person. Stop spewing hate and stop talking about my children.

  10. You’re right…the speeding problem is caused by the very people who live in the neighborhood. But let’s stop saying Haswell, the Enclave and Dutch Mills are all separate neighborhoods. They’re all connected and everyone uses Hasgate Dr which is where the majority of the speeding happens. I’ve literally seen people pass each other on Hasgate, I’ve seen people refuse to stop for school buses, etc. I believe the traffic study indicated the average speed detected on Hasgate was around 37 mph…yes, average. Some speeds were tracked as high as 50+. Stop trying to create an us vs them issue here. The study concluded the traffic volume was appropriate for the size of the neighborhood, but that included all the the neighborhoods you noted…not just Haswell, thus the speeding that takes place comes from all the neighborhoods. I don’t think those complaining about this issue solely blame those from the Enclave or Dutch mills. It’s a shared problem. All you need to do is stand out on Hasgate for a little while during busy times of day and you’ll see plenty of people speeding from all 3 connected neighborhoods. In fact, I know plenty of people who live in Dutch Mills and the Enclave that indicate speeding is a problem on their streets as well. It’s people like you who over exaggerate things and cause a bigger divide unnecessarily. I enjoy living in Haswell and have very friendly neighbors who help each other out. I also have friends who are good, down to earth people that live in all the 3 of the connected neighborhoods. Your comments are overstated, uninformed and consist of ridiculous generalizations.

  11. Poor (sub)urban planning has a lot to do with these problems. The concept of these isolated “pod” neighborhoods segregating from the community at large promotes the “us and them” issues that are happening in Delmar. And while we’re on the subject, why does every pod need a name? James Howard Kunsler wrote an excellent book on neighborhood planning called “The Geography of Nowhere” and it’s definitely worth a read.

  12. Have you been to loudonvile. Lately ??

  13. Could is possibly be some of the people who fly down feura bush rd, elsmere ave and murray age be coming from haswell??? Maybe this is in play here: “its ok for me to speed in other peoples neighborhoods, but its not ok for you to do in mine”. Wow, what snobs.

  14. No matter how good your neighbors are now, or what neighborhood you live in, you are really only one ‘For Sale’ sign away from living next to the neighbors from hell.

  15. Thank you for your well written article! We live on McCombe Drive and have been saying this about Haswell Farms residents for many years. They seem to think they are better than everyone else. Especially those of us who live on McCombe Drive. However they continue to use our street as “short cuts” for their jogs, bicycle rides, and walking their dogs and think nothing of it!! Their dogs crap and urinate on our lawns and I have seen them turn a blind eye and pretend that they did not see it! Amazing enough the privileged of Haswell Farms have sidewalks but would rather roam McCombe Drive so their animals can dump their load on the less privileged McCombe Drive residents properties!! Message to Haswell Farms residents – Stay on your own streets and walk your animals on your sidewalks and stay the hell away from the friendly neighbors of McCombe Drive!!

  16. It seems to me that more people than ever are assholes. Impatient, self-centered, obsessed with their status and possessions — and it’s eroding the glue that holds together communities.

    I have found pockets of goodness in community organizations I’ve belonged to here in Bethlehem. Amid all the assholes are a lot of solid folks who make small towns work — but as the asshole population grows it’s getting harder.

    I’m ready to move away from the insanely competitive BCS parents, gossipy neighbors, idiot drivers, perfect lawn Nazis, stay at home mom snobs, and other jackasses. Give me five acres and neighbors I only see from a distance. I’ve had enough.

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