Avicii and Chumbawamba Combine For Best Rickroll Ever in Mashup Video [VIDEO]

We’ve all been “Rickrolled” at least once in our lives.  Me?  Dozens – weekly.   After seeing a new Rick Astley mashup video, I can’t wait to return the favor to those that have ‘rolled me in the past.  Current music sensation, Avicii, and 90’s one-hit wonder, Chumbawamba, combine to put a fresh spin on Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.  We also see a cameo by the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith.

Kudos to Darcy over at PopCrush105.7.com for finding this gem.  She played the video for me and before the song ended, we both said “We’re putting this on our website.”   Avicii’s beat, Chumbawabma’s hook and Astley’s song will make the perfect Rickroll this week.  A fresh, new beat to throw in a hyperlink. While you’re watching the video, check out a few classic scenes from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!  Will Smith doing his trademark “Dumb Dancing.”  Also making cameos are Donald Faison and I saw John Travolta getting his Saturday Night Fever on.

Man, I love Chumbawamba. Thanks us later this week when you get someone in the office to fall for it.  Now, get to ‘rollin’!

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