The X-Cast Episode 3 – Giving Up Daylight Savings Time for Lent [AUDIO]

Another couple weeks and another episode of our new podcast is out for your listening pleasure. This one kind of made me a little anxious to do because of one of the subjects. And if you listen during the first 3 mins of the show, you’ll hear me groan about it. During this episode we jumped into something we all know ‘a lot’ about. And if you believe that, we have a bridge in Brooklyn we were wondering if you would like to invest in.

believe-getting-closer-god-lent-ecard-someecardsWe’re talking about Lent and Daylight Savings Time which happens to be down tomorrow. S0 remember to move your clocks ahead one hour for that extra hour of daylight, and then rage at losing an hour of sleep. But mainly, we talked about the season of Lent, the time that leads up to Easter and giving something up for that time to show penance for your sins. And boy do we have to give a lot to make it.

We also have a guest in studio, Izzy, who those in the Capital Region might know from Fly 92.3 FM but now does afternoons with Monte on WVCR. They were in the studios when BJ and I arrived for the recording of this show, and he stuck around. So the time has now come, to sit back, relax and enjoy flashbacks from BJ and I, of our days growing up Catholic.

Listen to The X-Cast Episode 3: Giving Up Daylight Savings Time for Lent

Download The X-Cast Episode 3: Giving Up Daylight Savings Time for Lent

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