Five Things the Internet And Others Can Do Now That You’re 25

If you’re older then 25, then you know the freedom that seems to come at that age, more so then when you turned 21. You were you’re own person and answered to no one but the law your you hangovers the next morning. So in celebration of the Internet (Not the web) turning 25 years old today, here are five things that people can do now that they are old enough.

1. Get Better Rates on Car Insurance

tumblr_ljib2rtA6j1qdhrzgo1_400Now that you’re older Internet, those really high premiums that you pay for car insurance will go down some because you are now out of a risk pool. You’re older and wiser and make better decisions. You’re also coming to the realization that you’re not indestructible. You’re starting to think about finding someone to be with long term. All this adds up to a smaller amount of money you have to pay.

2. Rent a Car

convertible-mustang-rent-a-carEven when you turned 21, you couldn’t just walk into a Hertz or Enterprise and rent a car for that weekend trip to Daytona Beach for Spring Break. You were considered too much of a financial risk. But now, you’re not as much a risk, so you can finally rent that awesome Mustang you saw on the lot and impress the ladies. But there still is the matter of what you say to them when you finally have to give it back to the rental company, and you go back to your P.O.S. Honda.

3. Eat Ice Cream (Or any junk food) for Dinner

tumblr_lw0za49IK81qervz1o1_500Yeah, no one is going to care if you eat an entire gallon of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream for dinner, instead of a protein, a veggie and a starch like all normal people do. Maybe a 2 liter of Coke with some T.G.I.Fridays frozen Buffalo Wings and Hot & Ready from Little Ceaser’s is on the menu for tonight’s dinner. Either way, you won’t hear about how unhealthy it really is to be eating all that, except from your mother will also tell you, that you need to call more often. Which leads us to…

4. Live On Your Own

tumblr_inline_muzxhfa7Yw1rnvwt1Yep, you feel secure enough to get a place of your own or even get a room mate to split the cost of rent with and have the freedom you have dream about for so long. If you want to fart and walk around in your underwear, now you can, unless you have a common area that you and your room mate have agreed on. But still, if you wanna go commando, you can if you really want. You’re your own person! Let’em breathe!

5. Get a Real Job

tumblr_m5stmhpbws1rq0hnmNow that you have your freedom, you have to pay for it. Everything has a price. So you need a real job. You could be flipping burgers at MickeyD’s or maybe stocking shelves at Wal-Mart or Target because, it’s real money, but to have real freedom, you need a career! It’s time to take that college knowledge you paid for and start using it to bring in some high five  or six figure yearly salary. Can’t do that with a  paper hat on your head.

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