Bomb Threat Investigation at Shaker High in Colonie, NY [UPDATE]

Never something that you want to see, but Shaker High School in Colonie is currently being investigated by police after a bomb threat was discovered in one of the boy’s bathrooms earlier today. 

Update 1:07 pm:

The North Colonie School website confirms that the “shelter in place” order has been lifted. The police swept through the entire school and found nothing. They also noted that school will continue as usual, but police will maintain presence at Shaker until the end of the day to try and figure out who is responsible for the threat.

The note that was discovered read as follows:

I’m going to bomb Shaker on 6/14/14 Watch.

As far as ordering the shelter in place as opposed to a full evacuation, it is police protocol when there is not a specific threat.

According to CBS 6 Albany,  the students have been asked to shelter in place while the colonie police investigate the situation. Early reports indicate that the message discovered in the bathroom stated that the school would be bombed on June 14th of this year.

The North Colonie Schools website has the following statement:

The Colonie Police Department is currently investigating a bomb threat at Shaker High School. The threat was made in writing in the Taft Hall C Wing boys’ bathroom. All students are in “shelter in place”. All students will remain in their classrooms, all doors and windows will be locked. No passes will be issued outside the classrooms. We will provide further updates as soon as we receive them.

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