Mother Arrested For Breastfeeding While Drinking and Waitress Whom Called Police is Fired

The mother of a six-month old baby was arrested after she had been breastfeeding while drinking at a restaurant. Is this action illegal?  No, but 28 year-old Tasha Adams was still taken into custody and a waitress at  Gusano’s in Conway, AR. has been fired over the questionable incident.

While in town for a funeral, Tasha Adams decided to stop into a local eatery and order pizza and drinks.  After what Adams states was just two beers over an hour and a half, she started to breastfeed her 6-month old baby.  At that time, an off-duty waitress, Jackie Conners, arrived at Gusano’s restaurant and noticed that Adams didn’t have beer at her table.  Rather, Conners believes the breastfeeding-mom had stiffer drinks sitting at her table, not beer.

When Conners confronted the management and bartender about the issue, Adams was not cutoff as each ignored her request.  Conners then called the police and after arriving, quickly agreed with Adams’ excuse for the night – she didn’t know drinking and breastfeeding was illegal.  She is right.  Arkansas does not have a law against moms who indulge in alcoholic drinks and then feed their children.

The police made a judgement call and arrested Tasha Adams, charging her with endangering the welfare of a child.  Adams argues her sobriety and suggests that the police give her a breathalyzer – the problem is that police only do that do suspected drunk drivers, not nursing mothers sitting at a table.

For her good deed, Jackie Conners was fired from her job at Gusano’s.

In summary:

-Mom wants to drink and breastfeed.

-Bartenders sees nothing wrong with this.

-Waitress wants to protect a baby, calls police.

-No law is broken, police cannot obtain evidence but arrest the mom anyway.

-The waitress is fired.

Which side would you take on the issue?  The mom is crazy, the bartender should be fired and the waitress and police commended for finding a way to work around the system for the sake of a child OR  no law is broken, strangers should mind their business?

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