Hilarious Headline Is Cherry On Top Of Mets Opening Day Blunders

It is not easy cheering for the New York Mets.  As a man whose own brother and best friends are Met fans, sometimes it’s hard to sit back and watch them be disappointed each and every season. However, they do remain loyal and optimistic. On the other hand, it makes things harder when even the headlines surrounding your opening day loss are just as tragic. 

The Mets lost their opening day game to the Washington Nationals 9-7 in extra innings. But it looks like they totally made it up to one very lucky fan.




18 times? Dude must be exhausted.

I was looking into this, trying to figure out which newspaper this had come from. I looked up the author, Jared Diamond, and his LinkedIn profile says he’s the sports reporter for the Wall Street Journal. The Journal? Really? That’s just sad.

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  1. Three max, who could go 18 times. Go Mets!

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