‘How I Met Your Mother’ Ends On A Sour Note For Some Fans

Nine years. It has been nine years of wondering about why exactly Ted has sat down to tell his children about how he met their mother. It all wrapped up on Monday night in an epic fart of a series finale. Spoilers ahead.



First and foremost, can I just say that I totally called the mother being dead weeks ago. Secondly, I don’t think the writers left themselves much choice for an ending like that, given the fact that the filmed the ending scene with the kids in the second season.

We have been dragged along this twisted road of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for years, only the end up back at the beginning. After thinking about it for a night and really letting it sink in, I’m not happy. I know I’m not the only one.

Here we have Ted, and epic romantic, searching for his one (keyword one) true love. So why did they need to go back to the whole Ted and Robin thing? Why did they totally waste our time on a final season spent at a wedding that the marriage only lasted three years? I find the whole thing sickening.

The mother’s death wasn’t even as sad to me being that I saw it coming, and the fact that I was already mad at the writers for stringing me along for this ninth season which was completely useless in the end.

The finale wasn’t all bad. It did have some bright moments. Marshall finally getting his offer to be a judge, and Barney becoming a father. I think that whole part was to show that his lifestyle ultimately came back to bite him, but also made him a better person.

While I’m not happy about the finale, I won’t let it ruin some of the things that I loved about the show.



In closing, adios HIMYM. It was a long ride, and towards the end we ran out of gas. But you did at least keep me entertained most of the way. Now can we just let Cobie Smulders be on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D now?

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