Three ‘Big’ Announcements in Albany, and They All Suck

Today was supposed to be a big day in the Albany area. A huge concert announcement, a big store announcement, and the line up for the 2014 Tulip Fest revealed. After all that, all I can say is snooze. 




The first major announcement was supposed to be a giant secret. You know the problem with giant secrets in an age where absolutely everything is at our finger tips? They get found out. So yes, Paul McCartney is coming to Albany in July. Big deal. Those tickets are going to be about a billion dollars.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Beatles. They are one of my all time favorite bands, but anyone who has seen Paul perform at recent awards shows can tell you that he just doesn’t have it anymore. The bright side to Paul coming is that it isn’t Ringo, who is just horrible these days with his latest All-Star band.

The second major announcement was also disappointing. Wal-Mart will be the first major store coming to the new Latham Circle mall area. Most were hoping for anything but a Wal-Mart, which Latham already has. The area is saturated with Wal-Mart, so could they think of something else? I know most were hoping for a Costco or something to that effect, but alas, the world has brushed up against us and farted on our leg. Wonderful.



Lastly, we got to see the lineup for the upcoming Tulip Fest. As far as I can tell, there are no major headliners. Though, the band they are passing off as a headliner is MS MR. I’ve never heard of them, but maybe I’m not hip. At least WEQX isn’t bringing in some has-been from the 90’s and acting like they are God’s gift to local radio. Thanks for the Spin Doctors. They were horrible.

Anyway. Albany, your announcements suck.

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