Could Sriracha Be Going Away?

This comes as sad news to hot sauce lovers all around. The people of Irwindale, CA have decided to wage war on our beloved sriracha, with their City Council declaring the spicy goodness’ factory a public nuisance



This isn’t the first time that Irwindale, CA has tried to get the factory owned by Huy Fong Foods shut down. Last fall a judge ordered the plant be shutdown (partially) because of a lawsuit that was filed. Unfortunately this time it seems like we are in real danger of losing it (maybe, I’m no expert).

Apparently the smell from the factory is bad because of the spicy peppers used to make sriracha. According to the people of Irwindale, the odor causes their eyes to burn, nose bleeds and heart burn. To that I say, duh.

Listen, I love sriracha. It is awesome. But of course a sauce with that amount of spice is going to wreak havoc.

What is my prediction? The people of Irwindale will somehow get the factory shut down. Huy Fong isn’t just going to let one of their best products go away. Right now they are working on a way to decrease the amount of odor coming from the factory. Let’s jsut hope sriracha doesn’t get burned in the process. See what I did there?


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  1. I say, give the residents of Irwindale, a free gas mask, eye drops, a box of kleenex and a free bottle of Srirachha a year for life. Problem solved, now pass the hot sauce. 😀

  2. Oh gosh! I love Sriracha! They can’t ever go away. I think even if Irwindale kicks them out, they’ll find another city that would love them!

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