Don’t Worry About Heroin, Your Kids Are Getting High On Burt’s Bees

When it comes to chapped lips Burt’s Bees is where it’s at. According to a new report healing dry lips isn’t the only thing Burt’s bees can do for you. 

puck problems, tumblr

puck problems, tumblr

It’s called “Beezin”, and it’s the latest stupid things that teens are doing to get high. Personally, I blame the suburbs.

According to Gawker, people are putting Burt’s Bees on their eyelids and it gets them high. WRKC in Cincinnati went to a doctor to find out how it works. He says it’s the peppermint oil used in Burt’s Bees that provides a tingling sensation that some “think is funny.” The doctor also said that putting on your eyelids is bad because it can cause swelling of the eyes and inflammation.

My guess is that if you’re stupid enough to try and put chap stick on anything but your lips, you’re not so bright to begin with.

I know that illegal drugs are expensive, but so is Burt’s Bees. Those bad boys are like $4-5 a pop. Damn rich kids wasting all the good chap stick.


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