Michael Pineda is an Asshole, Not a Cheater

I believe the old saying goes, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” In the case of Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda, it’s shame on him, and the people telling him to put pine tar in obvious spots. 



In last night’s Yankees Red Sox game pitcher Michael Pineda got off to a rocky start. His pitches were all over the place, and the Red Sox were able to take advantage. So what does Pineda do? Suddenly he has a patch of something that resembles pine tar on the back of his neck. S0 they tossed him.

In case you don’t fully remember, Pineda was also questioned for having a substance on his hand (also looking like pine tar) in his last meeting with the Boston Red Sox. That worked in his favor, and when asked about it none of the Red Sox players had an issue. Sox pitcher Clay Bucholz went as far to say that a lot of guys (himself included) use a little something extra to get grip. It’s either that, or throw wild pitches and potentially hurt someone.

You can use the cold weather as an excise, but what this comes down to is being sloppy. While most pitchers might use a little something to get grip on the ball, they aren’t as blatantly obvious about it.

The thing I don’t understand is that it’s not illegal, but it’s also not entirely legal either. The ESPN announcers during last night’s game said that using the legal rosin bag doesn’t really help in cold weather situations. One of the announcers was former MLB pitcher Rick Sutcliffe, so I’ll take his word for it. Sutcliffe would also say that most guys would place the pine tar under their glove or something like that to be more discreet.

I guess the key word here is discreet. How many times have you seen a pitcher take the mound with something weird on the brim on their hat? Personally I would rather have a pitcher have more control. No one wants to see hit batters or a game full of walks.

So what happens to Michael Pineda? Most likely a suspension for using a foreign substance. In 2012 Rays pitcher Joel Peralta received an 8 game suspension for us pine tar. Since this is the second blatant attempt to get away with it by Pineda. it could me a bit more severe. If that’s the case the Yankees will have to find someone to fill that spot. Though to be fair, apparently he has trouble in the cold, so maybe sitting him down until it gets warmer might be a good idea.

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