The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 1 – DC vs. Marvel

We’re starting a new show for the website, and if you couldn’t tell by the name, it’s for all of us who love to debate who would win in an all out match up, Master Yoda or Voldermort? Or how about if you bite a zombie instead of it biting you, do you become a zombie? They call themselves Geeks and this show is for them! STAN LEEIn this first episode BJ and I take on an age old geek debate that has gotten many a comic geek all riled up. Who is the king? Marvel Comics or DC? We jump in and talk about the difference in the movies these companies make. We also talk about what we like and don’t like, and give some tips to DC and Marvel on what we want to see. As this is our first episode, we’re looking for as much feedback on the show as we can get. So tell us what you hate and what you like. Pose a question we can ask ourselves and then Rich and BJ will answer in the next show. Because talking to ourselves in the 3rd person is just really cool. Listen here on the website, or download the episode to your computer. And remember, you can grab this show the same way you get The X-Cast. Check the X-Cast page for details.

Listen to The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 1 – DC vs. Marvel Download The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 1 – DC vs. Marvel If you share this show, please use the hashtag #GeekShow to help get the word out! KThxBye!

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