Woman Adds Her Own Breast Milk To Office Milk [VIDEO]

Does this taste like breast milk to you? It tastes a little like breast milk to me. 



If you’ve ever worked in an office environment you know that even if your shit is properly labeled, people are probably going to skim some of it from you.

However, this woman has taken it to a whole new level. It starts off innocent enough with a lady making coffee. She goes to the fridge, adds some milk, and then wait. She’s adding her own breast milk back into the container.

Now I’ve never had breast milk (at least no recently), but I’m pretty sure there is a pretty big difference in taste and texture.

I’m just waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to come out saying this was another one of his stunts.

About BJ Ragone

Just a man with a computer, smartphone and a ridiculous amount of pop culture knowledge.

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