Disney Set To Crank Out More “Star Wars” Than You Can Handle

In case you missed it, Disney is producing three more “Star Wars” movies set to take place after the events of “Return of the Jedi.” Did you think that would be it? Oh no, you are mistaken. More movies are following that. 




Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that on top of Episode VII, VIII and IX you can expect at least three spin-off movies that would be released in between the new trilogy movies. These would apparently be origin stories, and they had previously said these movies would would focus on Han Solo and Boba Fett. Badass!

Now that there are three spin-off movies in the works, we wonder who else they could be telling the origin of? We know how Luke and Leia came to be, so who else could they be looking at? It would be nice to see a darker character take shape.

So hold onto your butts, kids. We have at least six new “Star Wars” movies coming whether we want them or not.

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