Fact: Most People Don’t Know What Gluten Is, They’re Just Idiots

We have all heard someone recently say that they can’t eat gluten. If you have a gluten allergy, right on. I won’t give you any of my delicious bread. However, Jimmy Kimmel has found out that most of these douchey people don’t even know why they aren’t eating gluten. They’re just trying to be a trendy pain in the ass. 



I think the biggest problem is that people think that gluten is the same as a carb. Cutting carbs is one thing, but unless you have to, there really is no real reason to cut Gluten. In fact, the Huffington Post has a great list that some of theses assholes should probably read before going gluten free.

“There’s more of a modern concern that gluten is somehow not good for us. Possibly linked to our transition from hunter-gatherers to cultivators and farmers and the simultaneous increase of grains in our diet. But there’s little evidence proving going gluten-free means good health.”

– Dr. Sheila Crowe, M.D

So if you are having trouble digesting gluten, you should probably see a doctor. If not, stop being an asshole.

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