Casey Kasem is Missing and The Wife Isn’t Talking

Now I’m not a police detective, or any kind of sleuth, but when you don’t know where your spouse who is suffering from Parkinsons is, and you’re responsible for their care, you’re gonna have a bad day with the law.

20140512-214804.jpgKasem, who is 86 years old, has been in and out and moved to various medical facilities by his current wife Jean. And according to Kasem’s children from his previous marriage, they haven’t seen their father in some time even though they have an agreement with their step mom to let them. I did a double take at that one too. Because of all this a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ordered an investigation into where Kasem currently is. A lawyer for the wife has said that Kasem has “..been removed from the country.”

What does that mean? She smuggled him out to a hidden lair in the Alps or something? What posses people to act like this? I’m betting this all doesn’t end well for the wife. I hope it ends well for Casey and the kids.

Fox 411
Edited to clarify aspects of the story.

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