Plastic Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lawrence Are Horrifying

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, because these people are awful. They call themselves “The Plastics” (not to be confused with the “Mean Girls” characters who were actually good looking) and they have a horrible new song about how “great” they look. 

What do you get when you pay $25,000 to look like Jennifer Lawrence? Apparently not a damn thing, because Kitty Jay paid that much to look like her idol and she doesn’t look at all like Katniss.

The bigger question: If you pay a plastic surgeon $100k to look like Justin Bieber, will you look like him? No. However you will end up looking an awful lot like Rocky Dennis from the movie “Mask.”

bieber dennis


Also in The Plastics, some lady named Venus D’Lite who thinks she looks like Madonna? Again, nope.

The lesson we need to take away with this is that beauty is on the inside, and plastic surgery turns you into a horrible monster of a person.

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Just a man with a computer, smartphone and a ridiculous amount of pop culture knowledge.

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