The Madison Theatre is Showing Our All-Time Favorite Movies – FOR FIVE BUCKS!

The Madison theatre in Albany is now running some of our all-time favorite movies daily.  Not only will we get to see the classics we adored as kids, then grew to love and appreciate as adults, but we can see them all cheaply.  Admission is just FIVE BUCKS!  Check out the killer features and showtimes.

When the Madison movie theatre in Albany changed ownership and closed down back in September, we all feared the worst.  Another landmark vanishing in the Capital Region.  However, not only has the newly remodeled theatre opened it’s doors back up, but they’re also running nothing but the old classics we LOVE!

Go ahead – name some of your favorite movies.  Caddyshack?  Got it.  Gremlins? Yep. GodFather? Naturally.  Goonies? BOOM!  The list is stacked, and the best part about the theatre? Admission is only $5.00.  You read that correctly – five bucks.  Where else can you gather up a group of friends, sit down and enjoy either an Academy Awarding-winning flick or a goofy film you quote at least three times a week?

Check out the awesome movies scheduled for just tomorrow, Sunday, May 18th:

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure at 1:30 PM and 7:00 PM

Beatle Juice at 4:00 PM and 9:30 PM

Bat Man (1989) at 4:00 PM and 9:30 PM

The theatre is located at 1036 Madison in Albany. Appealing to young and old, Madison has something for everyone.  Last week saw the original Godzilla from the ’50’s show and next week, Despicable Me 2 will run for the kids. For the full schedule, check out their website. After I get my fill of Large Marge this weekend, I think I’ll eye down STRIPES next week. That’s a fact, Jack! Who’s coming with me?!

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