“X-Men: Days of Future Past” — The Glorious Return Of Our Favorite Mutants

When it comes to huge let downs in terms of comic book/superhero movies, the X-Men franchise comes up a few times. It’s unfortunate, especially because the first two films were so great. It’s been a while, but the X-Men are back, and we can all thank Bryan Singer. 

20th Century Fox/Marvel

20th Century Fox/Marvel

If you take the awesome that was the first two X-Men films, and the fantastic that was “X-Men:First Class” you get “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” It marries the previous X-Men films together perfectly with the rebooted characters of “First Class” for one movie that totally restores the universe that I (and countless others) grew up loving.

So you hated X3. So did everyone else. You probably also hated “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Well forget that those movies even existed. Days of Future Past totally erases them from the X-Men cinematic world. And thank god for that. You had people being killed that weren’t supposed to be killed, and characters being introduced in such horrible fashion. If I could just erase the fact that I even saw either of those movies, I would.

In the comic books the Days of Future Past story line has always been one of my favorites. To see it come together on the big screen so well (with a few minor changes – for the better, I might add) was refreshing. Not since the Avengers movies have I enjoyed the triumphant return of a group so much.

The combination of Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy as Charles Xavier/Professor X is so good. So is Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen as old and young Magneto. SPOILER: I’m really glad that they didn’t just go ahead and turn Magneto into a “good guy” right away. You just can’t trust that guy.

Can we talk about Quicksilver for a minute? Evan Peters plays this character so well. Now he’s not in as much of the movie a I would have liked to see him, but if they are going to bring him back – and clearly they are – I welcome it with open arms. The casting director deserves something for doing such a awesome job here.

So what did X-Men do right? Everything. They didn’t try to tell to many stories, they focused. That’s huge. It’s what the Spider-Man films have been doing wrong all along. Stick with one plan, and execute. That’s what Singer does so well here. His telling of a horrible future where humans and mutants are being killed off by evil Sentinals, to a world of the 1970’s where everyone is so very ’70s, has restored my faith in these characters. You will have to brace yourself for some parts of the movie where there isnt any action, but great story telling. This baby had plot. A good plot. I really look forward to more X-Men movies, and let’s face it, Hugh Jackman was born to play Wolverine.

Without spoilers, I’ll tell you that everything pretty much works out for our heroes. Obviously. You even get to see some familiar faces throughout the movie, and the Easter eggs, oh so many Easter eggs.

Also, there is a pretty awesome post credits scene. I have not been this excited about a post credits scene since They found Thor’s hammer, and introduce Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. So stick around.

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