Rich’s Geek Cave – AleWerks’ Springhouse Beer Tasting [VIDEO]

While in Williamsburg, V.A., I stopped by AleWerks and took a tour of their brewery and had some beer at their tap room, and was it mmm, mmm, GOOD!


(l-r: Corbin , Mike from AleWerks in Williamsburg, V.A.)

In this video from my Geek Cave, I share their Springhouse Ale, which I sampled after the tour. It was so good, I bought a growler of it, and picked up a 6 pack of their White IPA. Surprisingly, the wife liked them! And we even toasted to our 1 year marriage anniversary with the Springhouse! Since I had already had the beer, I was at a little loss of words in the video. But hopefully you pick up what I was putting down.

Also in the video, I make mention to a photo that doesn’t appear on screen. iMovie was being a bastard and I got tired of fighting with it so I just posted the damn video. But if you want to see the photo I’m referring to, it’s the to the right. This video was recorded some time ago and I apologize for not getting it up sooner.

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