Why Do People Cheat? A New Infographic Finally Explains It

Relationships. Some people can handle them, and some people cannot. Monogamy is something sacred and unfortunately sometimes people fall off that wagon for one reason or another. So why do people cheat? Turns out there are a number of reasons why, and what men and women think cheating is is very different. 

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

This new infographic from HuffPo compiles a whole lot of data that leads me to believe that all men suck. But also, women suck too. And if you happen to be in a same-sex relationship then you probably both suck.

At one point or another you will flirt. It’s probably harmless. You might do it with a sales person, or someone you casually meet on the street, it’s human nature. Most people are able to turn that sort of thing off. We all have a friend or two that we call “a flirt.” So what exactly is that? According to Urban Dictionary:

A person who is innocently overly friendly, especially the type of friendliness that is interpreted as seduction. Actions may include: giving away number, blowing kisses, caressing, and free lapdances.

While that definition might be a bit much, it’s mostly true. Being overly friendly to the wrong person can lead down dangerous paths for both parties. Your friend that is a flirt most likely just brushes it off as being friendly.  The fact is, everyone flirts.

Women flirt:



Men flirt:



You just can’t let that little flirt turn into more if you are already in an established relationship. If you aren’t in an estalished relationship or have an open relationship have at it.

So who is more likely to cheat? According to the infographic there are a few big offenders:

  • Narcissists
  • People whose parents cheated
  • Men with large testicles
  • Women whose spouses have a large “package”
  • Men with deep voices
  • People who fake orgasms

So as you can see, both sides have multiple offenders. A big difference is who considers what cheating. While 90% of women believe that passionately kissing someone else is cheating, only 75% of men believe it is. Also, women think that emotional flirting is the bigger offense, while men believe that physical contact is worse. A higher percentage of women to men also believe that sending flirty text messages is also cheating.



Where are people more likely to cheat? No surprise, it’s the big cities. Washington DC ranks as the number one place for cheaters. Shocking, really.



The other cities on the list are Houston, Miami, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles,  New York, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Boston and Phoenix.

In more shocking news, 68% of people who cheat do it at the office. The most popular day to cheat is Wednesday. Why? Hump day? I don’t know, but they left that one wide open.

One of the most fucked up statistics in this whole thing is that 56% of men who cheated said that they we either happy or very happy in their marriage. 34% of women said the same thing! So what is everyone’s deal?

32% of women said that they did it to reaffirm desirability. 48% of men said they did it because they want more sex. So I guess the term happily married means nothing.



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