Woman Thinks It’s ‘OK’ To Be Racist Because She Strips For Cops

As I was having my morning coffee a pretty crazy video came up on my newsfeed. It was titled “Racism Is Still Alive And Well, Even here In Western, NY” and the woman in this video might not exactly be the role model you want for your children. 

In this video this woman, who is clearly racist, claims that she’s not racist. However she’s throwing the “N word” around like it’s nothing. The worst part of this whole thing is that she does so right in front of her own children, who she claims were frightened when a man turned on his car.

Warning, the comments she makes in this video are very NSFW, so put your ear buds in before listening to this one.

She seems to think that she won’t end up in hot water because she “strips for cops” but what does that have to do for anything. Also I imagine her lawyer on the other end doing a massive face palm and a long sigh after he got off the phone with her.

Horrible people exist all over the place, unfortunately.

Now in a followup interview with WBLK to tell her side of the story, she claims that the man also called her a “cracker” so it was totally fine for her to use the “N word.” No. If this guy called her a cracker and she followed that up by using the “n word” they are both in the wrong. You can listen to that audio below. Also, NSFW.


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