Albany lucks out: Paul McCartney’s first post-illness stop will be Capital Region

ImageReps for Paul McCartney announced last night that the singer would be forced to postpone his U.S. tour dates.  The former Beatles singer is following doctor’s orders after contracting a virus while on tour in late May, forcing him to cancel his “Out There Japan Tour 2014”.

“I’m sorry but it’s going to be a few more weeks before we get rocking in America again. I’m feeling great but taking my docs’ advice to take it easy for a few more days,” McCartney said in a statement released on Monday.

The Capital Region, it seems, has lucked out.

McCartney’s tour will resume at the Times Union Center on July 5 while all preceding dates have been canceled.  If you’re looking for a ticket, you’re probably out of luck: They ranged from $253 to $29.50 and sold out in minutes back in April.  Even the elaborate “Front Row Package”– which included a sound-check entrance and commemorative laminate (and cost $2,000 per person)– is completely sold out.

All June dates of the US tour are expected to be rescheduled for October.  Postponed dates are as follows:

June 14: Lubbock, TX – United Spirit Arena
June 16: Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
June 19: New Orleans, LA – Smoothie King Center
June 21: Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena
June 22: Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
June 25: Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena
June 26: Louisville, KY – Yum! Center

As an aside…

Okay, but seriously– who pays $2,000 PER PERSON to see a soundcheck?  Maybe it’s because I have worked in broadcasting for the better part of a decade but I just don’t see the point.  In fact, they’re pretty annoying.  You watch the crew set up the stage (which could be neat I suppose) and hear a bunch of yelling.  Then– for the next 45 minutes– you are subjected to a (usually) short man dressed in all black plugging one ear and yelling “ONE TWO HEYYYY YEP!  ONE ONE TWO HEYYY YEAH YEAH” into every microphone on stage.  In my opinion, $2,000 seems a little high.  I’d rather use the money to pay three months of my rent, play a Beatles record in my living room and listen to my husband yell about how he’s only allowed to have on taco.


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