Check out This Parking Lot Jam Session with Eric [VIDEO]

So I’m driving into the parking lot at work, and I see my co-worker Eric jamming on a portable keyboard he had in his car’s trunk. So I stopped by and shot a little video of him. Check him out. 

Eric is pretty cool in that he’s into a ton of stuff in his off time. Knife throwing is another one of his hobbies and he seems pretty good at it from the photos he’s posted on his Facebook wall. But I have seen him play around with GarageBand on a Mac playing the Doors and Guns N’ Roses tunes. I’m always surprised by this guy. Yeah, he’s not a virtuoso, but he’s obviously liking what he’s doing and that’s all that matters. If you catch him on the street or anything, tell him you saw this video.

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  1. Stay tuned for my upcoming Didgeridoo record coming this fall with my Grammy nominated band, Didgeridonts!

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